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Added 8-25-22

2014 Jeep Wrangler Drive Pro 6' 8" Plow Install (E-72)

I had been hoarding the last Drive Pro with E-72 crate I got back in 2017. I was saving it for a lifted Wrangler. Well space is at a premium right now for me, so out it goes. The ruler says this Jeep is 3" over stock. Not the big lift I was saving it for, but OK. Install done summer 2021.

EZ Plus conversion.

I think maybe once before this happened to me. The nut drew the bolt into the box end which cut grooves in the head.


Wedged good!

I put the Infasco next to it for comparison but it looks like a different size bolt!

This is the best part. These are Harbor Freight wrenches I got over 10 years ago and I paid $12 for the set. They are also the long version so more leverage. These are the only wrenches I use just about daily. Nothing wrong with cheap tools that do the job.

Mount complete.

Handle nut bar sticking out, must be cut flush to get bumper back on. I score one side with a cut off wheel and snap it off.

Like so.

Vacation home?

The pleats are packed SOLID. I picked out what I could.

Wiring done, nice and neat.

Tap circuit M9 for plow controller power. Yes, a wire runs to the cabin from here.

LOTS of slack to hide, and plenty of room to hide it.

All wires in loom and secured.

Other side.

Mount and wiring complete.

Upgrades. Replaced the plastic "shipping plug" on the tank with a steel plug. Replaced the sloppy pins holding the Lift Cylinder and Lift Arm on with bolts. No more slop. Moved the Lift Cylinder to the back hole for twice the lift and faster lift.

Fluid Film on the E-72 to help keep mice out.

Because of the bolts, and no slop, the bolt can't hit the pump cover, there is a 3/8" gap.

Since the E-72 crate sat here so long I robbed the Nite Saber II out of it long ago. So this customer gets Nite Saber 3, an even better light. Flat lens easier to clean and polish., and .......

Two stainless bolts on each side to help keep it in place once adjusted. The Nite Saber IV LED uses the same bracket.

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