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Added 11-22-17

Well I came across my first Ram (I still have a hard time not saying Dodge Ram) with a drawer in the dash that I wanted to remove, to install a salt spreader controller. It seemed simple enough. I found no easy way to remove it. I went on Google, and found numerous threads on discussion forums asking the same question, with no helpful replies. Some wanted to mount CB radios, some wanted to mount Ham radios in the spot. So here we go, how to remove the drawer in a 2015 Ram 3500HD.



Removing the drawer was more complicated than I thought, not difficult, just not easy, and easy at the same time. There was just a lot to remove to get to the actual screws that hold the drawer assembly in. The good news is you really only need one tool for the job, and that is a T15 Torx driver. A trim panel removal tool would help, but a wide screwdriver would work too I suppose. Remove the little mat in the “coin tray” on top of the dash, and you will find the first two screws to remove.



Use your trim tool or wide screwdriver to carefully pry out the top of the bezel. Once the center stack bezel is pulled out a little, I just pull it out the rest of the way with my hands. The crazy part is it feels like you are going to break it, and it sounds like you are breaking it, but it pops right out. Then you have to disconnect all the plugs to the switches. On this page will be mainly pictures from the 2015 Ram 3500HD with the drawer, but some pictures will be from a 2013 Ram 2500HD with no drawer, just the “cubby” hole.



Once the bezel is out, then you need to remove the bottom panel. That you just grab and pull off. NOW you can access the 6 screws to remove the “drawer”, not the actual drawer, but the part that contains the drawer. You cannot access the screws that hold the actual drawer in just yet. They come in from the bottom, but you can’t even see them yet. Remove the two screws on top on each side, then the two on the bottom (one on each side) and unplug the outlets (cigar lighter sockets). NOW you can remove more screws J



Screws on the bottom, one on each side. Note the green clip in the bottom left of the picture.


Turn the drawer assembly around ,and you will find 4 more screws on the back to remove. Note the location of the green clip now.


A closer look at each side.


Once you remove these, you will see the 4 screws on the bottom that hold the drawer track.


I forgot to take a "before" picture.

Here is the dash with the entire center removed.


Remove them, reinstall the “cubby” with the 4 screws. Now you can put it back in the dash with the 4 screws, and plug in the two sockets... You can reinstall the bottom panel, it just snaps back in place. You can then install the bezel, plug in all the switches, and it snaps back into place too. Put the two screws in the top, put the rubber mat back in place and you are done.




One note. In this case I was installing the Salt Dogg salt spreader controller, so it made sense to install the bracket with the screws before I put it back in the dash. I don’t trust sheet metal screws, I use machine screws and nuts (and sometimes washers if the plastic is thin). This way I know the bracket is securely mounted. The 2013 ram 2500HD I was able to put the bracket on top, mark and drill the holes from the top. On the 2015 Ram 3500HD it made more sense to do it before I installed it back into the dash since I had it in my hands.:p>


Hopefully this helps someone looking for info on how to remove the drawer in their Ram truck so they can install an accessory in the space.



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