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Added 1-18-23

2015 Toyota Tacoma Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" SOS Install

This customer came with a used plow in good condition, and all the necessary parts to install because I took it all off his 2007 Colorado that I originally installed it on, new, in December 2019. So just a new Mounting Carton for the Tacoma. I am too tall to use the Toyota prop rod for the hood, I use my own that opens it as far as possible.

SOS wiring.

Hole in firewall, this is where the clutch rod would come through if this was a manual transmission truck. Perfect place to drill.

Main SOS wiring harness.

Tools used to install mount. The holes in hte frame are there already but after the Toyota rotting frames incident they put plastic plugs in the holes that can be difficult to remove along with the rust proofing they sprayed on.

The Meyer 23025 Power / Ground harness is WAY too long for a Tacoma. I shortened it once for the original Colorado install, now I shortened it again. I also added two accessory wires with spade connector to each lug so I have a way to easily connect to the battery. When the terminals are not accessory friendly, this is the best way to do it. Wish MEYER WOULD DO IT FOR US.

Battery connections.

Underhood complete.

Grommet on harness passing through firewall.

Sealed with strip caulk.

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