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Added 9-7-17

Meyer Lot Pro 8 Plow 2017 GM 2500HD Installation Pictures

This is the newest GM 2500HD install up until now the last install was a 2014 2500HD, so I am not sure when all these changes started. A few little surprises doing this install. The mount has not changed because the truck frame has not changed, but there have been changes as you will see. In the past, the bottom lip could be removed from the front bumper and there was no cutting to get the Meyer EZ Plus mount and Universal Clevis on the truck.

As you can see, there are A LOT of new fuses on top of the battery under the cover that was never there at least up to 2014. Like the Ford F-150, there is also a Hall Effect Monitor that monitors battery load via the ground cable.

A closer look at the goofy fuses. It appears if one blows, you need to replace the whole part?

THIS is the biggest change, at least for me because I hate when I have to cut a bumper to fit a mount or Universal Clevis on a truck. Especially when it is the first one, proceeding slowly, because once you cut it off you can't put it back and you do not want it to look all hacked up like many installs rolling around today.

So here is a bunch of different views of the steel that GM in their infinite wisdom added behind the bumper. This truck has "VYU Plow Prep" which the customer paid more for. Unfortunately, nothing really comes with the VYU anymore. There is not one thing GM does to make it any easier to install a plow on a plow prep truck, not one. Over the years, they have just taken away more and more from VYU. I am going to takea guess that 50% of plow prep trucks are NEVER going to have an amber roof light installed. In years past, we had to fish the wire out of the headliner, now they are blunt cut wires at the relay? If some genius from GM is reading this all I ask for is two things, first give us a hole in the firewall for accessory wires to pass through, a 42mm hole USED to be part of VYU. Second, give us a key on (ignition) source to power the plow controller in the cab. The rest I can deal with. If it makes you feel any worse, the Ford F-150 plow prep includes a power wire for the plow controller! On top of that, the plow prep option on the F-150 is only $50!!

Spoiler, in the end most of the steel behind the bumper had to be cut out to fit the Universal Clevis on the truck. I started out just making room for the 17174 Mounting Carton brackets. I ended up having to trim more just to get them on. Once they were on, I got the top two back 19370 Universal EZ Plus Clevis bolts in, and pivoted the Universal Clevis up into position, cutting more and more steel until I got it into place and got the other bolts in.

You can see the bottom lip is part of the bumper. I had to trim the plastic flush with the bottom of the license plate bracket.

I had to relocate the electrical plug up higher.

In the end, the cut had to be at the red line, about 2" higher than I started with.

I had to take about 1/2" more off to the left of the existing hole to allow the bracket to go into position. Before I did it the Clevis would not fit between the brackets.

This is the first piece I cut out. I had to cut a lot more.

I had to make the curved cut to access the Clevis Bolts. I thought curved would look better.

My curves don't match, but unless you get on your knees and look, most would not notice.

A nice variety of fuses in the fuse box under the hood. The same inside the truck where you open the drivers door and remove the side dash panel to access the other fuse box. Micro2, Micro3, Micro J Case, and even the old Mini fuses. The panel inside has spares on the inside of the cover with the fuse puller.

Then we have the finshed product which again, I am not 100% happy with.

THIS is why I am not 100% happy. The oil cooler in the slot in the bumper is too close to the front to allow me to mount the 1 Piece Plug.
I try my best on every vehicle to mount it, some I just can't, and now this is one of them.

So there you have it!


Meyer EZ Plus Mount Universal Clevis
SKU: M19370
Meyer EZ Plus Mount Universal Clevis 19370
Meyer EZ Plus Mount Universal Clevis. This is NOT included in Mounting Cartons. Mounting Cartons are vehicle specific, this Universal Clevis is universal. It MUST mate to an EZ Plus Lift Frame.
$329.99 $299.00

Manufacturer: Genuine Meyer
EZ Plus MDII Mounting Carton for 2011 & up Chevy / GMC 2500 / 3500
SKU: M17174
17174 EZ Plus / MDII Mounting Carton for 2011 & up Chevy / GMC 2500 / 3500
EZ Plus / MDII Mounting Carton for 2011 & up Chevy / GMC 2500 / 3500. Includes brackets and hardware as pictured. Does NOT include Universal EZ Plus or MDII Clevis. USE EZ MATCH ON MEYER WEB SITE TO VERIFY FIT.
Manufacturer: Genuine Meyer
        Micro 2 Fuse Assortment (70 pieces $29.99)
Micro 2 Fuse Assortment (70 pieces $29.99)
Micro2 Fuse Assortment in carry case. Micro2 fuses are the new standard for 2013 & up vehicles. For example, the 2013 & up Dodge Ram Trucks use these fuses, along with Ford and GM.Guess with their popularity came a 500% price increase from our vendor!
Manufacturer: Aftermarket
Meyer Headlight Adapter 07777 (Nite Saber Lights - 2014 & up GM Trucks)
SKU: M07777
Meyer Headlight Adapter 07777 (Nite Saber Lights - 2014 & up GM Trucks)
Meyer Headlight Adapter 07777 (Nite Saber Lights - 2014 & up GM Trucks) Works with Nite Saber and Nite Saber II / Nite Saber III Lights ONLY.
Manufacturer: Genuine Meyer
Fuse Tap for Micro 2 ATR Fuses
SKU: sbsATRtap
Fuse Tap for Micro 2 ATR Fuses
These are GREAT! It makes tapping into your fuse box to supply power to your plow controller or plow lights a breeze. Remove the fuse you want to take power from, insert it in the holder, put the accessory fuse in the other slot and plug it in.




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