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Added 1-17-21

2020 Jeep Gladiator JT Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" SOS Plow Install

Ready to start.

Gathering up all the mount and wiring parts starting to lay things out.

Put the Meyer decal on the Drive Pro Clevis.

Look close in the center, you can see how much of the battery cables I cut off.

Made my own handle bolts for the mount up front. Makes it SOOOO much easier.

One hole to drill in the frame on each side for the Special Bolt. You can see I make a 3/16" pilot hole then use a step drill. Many holes provided for accessories circled on the right.

I use the step drill to make a 3/4" hole because that is the diameter of the special bolt. Over the years, depending on what directions you read for installing special bolts, they may tell you to drill a 13/16" hole, or a 1" hole. I want to drill the smallest hole possible. So 3/4" it is.

I use the die grinder to make a slot.

I make the hole so the special bolt just fits.

Not the prettiest thing, but better than a huge 1" hole.

Moving on to the wiring. This is the truck side harness 23059. Coming out of the "box" on the left you see a red wire and a white wire that I blunt cut and sealed. The red wire would be connected to the vehicle high beam, and the white to the vehicle low beam. These if connected will not let the plow lights come on if the vehicle headlights are on. I do not connect it as we are not interfacing with the vehicle lighting circuit. It is easier to turn the vehicle lights down to parking lights only when the plow is on, than to find out the truck does not like a connection on the headlight circuit, PLUS you would have to cut and splice the headlight wiring. Moving to the right side we have a white wire and a purple wire that I also blunt cut and sealed. The white wire would go to the relay on a GM truck, and the purple wire goes to the purple with black stripe on 2019 & up Ram trucks. This purple wire tells the truck the plow lights are on and the truck turns the truck headlights off automatically leaving only parking lights on.

Which fuse to tap for power.

Battery connections.

The power cable I cut a little long, but I am still pleased, it came out neat. WHERE would I have hid all that extra cable I cut off?

All done.

All done 3/4 view.



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