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Added 8-25-22

2022 Ford F-250 Meyer Lot Pro 8 Plow Install.

Peek in the crate at the new 14700 that replaced the 19370. This was done in fall of 2021. It was the first plow I installed with the 14700 Universal Clevis. At the time it was replacing the 19370 EZ Plus Universal Clevis, so there are suggestions for using it in place of the 19370. Meyer changed their minds quickly when they realized what they wanted us to do could not be done. The 19370 is back, and a must for all non SOS plows. SOS can use the 19370 OR the 14700.

Lifting it out.

Another view of the 14700. The side plates are 5/8" thick.

This is the Logic Module strapped to the tank. It prevents the plow turn signals from coming on when you step on the brake, IF you wired like Meyer instructs. This truck does not need it since I used the Ford specific harness up front. It is a $142 option!

That line is where you will have to cut the 5/8" plate to use the new 14700 with an EZ Plus. Accommodating the multiple mounting holes, meant making it stick out more on the truck. DO NOT CUT IT LIKE THIS, BUY THE 19370!!

Ford showing where the plug is, and what is really in the way to be removed. It was cake. There is a similar plug closer to the headlight on the F-150.

Pull the air box. I thought it may be that simple, no. The arrow shows where the connector is, and it was rotated like Ford said to the back side.

Remove the bottom air box bracket bolt, loosen the top. Rotate the bracket up out of the way (I zip tied it there) then reach in and rotate the plug.

Meyer 23080 Ford Harness (List: $180) installed. You get marker and turn signals, that's it. Circled the cheap trailer plug Meyer still uses instead of a sealed Weatherpack....

Lift the Upfitter box off the battery tray, and under it is the blunt cut Upfitter wires. Right behind it you can seethe pass thru bundle as well. The other end of the pass thru is right at the fuse box in the passenger kick, very accessible. there are (3) 18ga. and one 22ga wire in the bundle of (4).

Tow Hooks. Just pull the plastic covers off. 4 bolts on each side now.

Taking the air dam off at customer's request. He will reinstall when the plow is removed. GOOD THING you'll see why...

Heat shrink braided covering I put on because the electrical tape Meyer used is just too Mickey Mouse....

Surprise! The top hole used for the strap is not there, so much for not drilling.

Mark the hole...

Fast forward, the mount is done, and at a good height too.

This is to show on this truck, I used the third set of holes up from the bottom. That is as high as the Clevis can go on these trucks. You'll see why.....

Extra wires not needed for Ford. Purple is Ram, and white is GM. The red and white are to be conected to the vehicle high beam and vehicle low beam. Not me. I blunt cut all 4 and cap them with heat shrink.

Firewall grommet (not really, more of an escutcheon) made from a piece of air dam from a 2015 Ford F-250. Waste not want not. A little strip caulk to seal it all up. An actual grommet was put on the harness first to protect where it passes through the firewall.

THIS is the "you'll see why" I kept saying!!! Geeeeeez. All done, go to put the bumper back on, no go. If the Clevis was installed higher (where I first had it) it would be major hacking.

Luckily the Clevis is at the perfect height and only a a minor cut to make the bumper fit. Had I left the air dam on and cut it, the entire center would be cut out of it! The bumper lip does clear the center of the Clevis once you cut the ends.

Wow the 14700 sticks out far!


This is a power wire with inline fuse for the Logic Module. Stretched pretty tight. IF you use a Ford 23080, Ram 23079, or a 23061 Harness, you don't need this Logic Module at all. I would remove it, THIS customer was in a big hurry and it was a rushed job, which I HATE. Otherwise it would not stay on there. The first time he comes in for service I am removing it.

Logic Module.

Making a grommet from a piece of 2015 F-250 air dam...

Bumper off.

All set! He loves the LED Nite Saber IV plow lights.

Massive Lift Arm.

Mount installed.

Mount Installed.

Just pulled it in, was pouring rain outside and it was finally dry enough to start. Removed the radiator support cover and laid out the one power / ground harness to cover it in braid because electrical tape is unacceptable.

Another shot of the bumper bottom pinch weld lip hitting the Clevis.

Mount Installed.

Mount Installed.



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