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We are located in Northern New Jersey, in Hardyston Township. Our postal address is Franklin because Hardyston has no Post Office. We are located in Sussex County New Jersey. We ARE NOT located in Franklin Township, which is in Somerset County, which is CENTRAL New Jersey. We are a small shop, only 4000 sq. ft..

Chuck Smith –
Chuck Smith has been plowing snow and repairing plows for 20 years. His background is extensive with regards to the snow and ice industry. Mr. Smith is one of the most well known individuals in the United States in the multi-billion dollar snow and ice management industry.

Mr. Smith is the author of The Snowplowing Handbook, one of the few books written about the snow and ice management industry. Mr. Smith has authored numerous articles pertaining to snow and ice management for trade publications and magazines, (you can read many of them here) in addition to often being interviewed and quoted for numerous articles and training videos. He has also been a technical advisor for three training videos produced by the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA).

Mr. Smith is currently very active in the snow and ice management industry. He is the owner and Webmaster of, an educational web site for contractors. Mr. Smith was a SIMA Certified Snow Professional (CSP), and sat on the CSP Board Of Governors for 3 years. Mr. Smith also helped create and develop the Certified Snow Professional Program while active with the Snow and Ice Management Association. Mr. Smith was also the Chairman of the SIMA Communications Committee for 3 years, as well as an Administrator of the SIMA web site for 2 years. Additionally, Mr. Smith owns and operates - an Internet based Discussion Forum (with over 4,000 Active Members) where snow and ice management contractors address various industry related topics on a daily basis. This daily interaction keeps us abreast of new developments long before most hear about them locally. Owning and managing these sites on a daily basis and being active in the industry also has forged friendships with many Snow Removal Contractors from all over the USA and Canada, as well as equipment manufacturers and factory reps.

Now, a peek behind the curtain. Smith Brothers is a name. There is no other Smith Brother working here. Chuck has a Brother, but he has his own welding business. When Smith Brothers first opened, Chuck and his Brother shared the shop space and office space, but that is no longer the case. (Chuck originally registered the business name with the intent to be partners with his Brother). Other family members do help out with parts orders, shipping, and paperwork, etc. In fact, 4 generations of family help out! Chuck's Grandmother at 94 helps put together seal kits, hardware kits, and other small parts, and his Mother and his Son help her! Chuck's Son at 3 years old was counting out 6 nuts to put in each E-47 seal kit. Chuck's Mother, Wife, and Daughter work at the shop filling orders all winter long. If anything it is more "Smith Family" than Smith Brothers!

We stand alone. Everything we do is top notch. We do not take short cuts, or use inferior parts and materials. Our installs and rebuilds take longer than expected, because doing it right, is usually the most time consuming way. We only use premium techniques, materials and supplies. We are our own worst critics. We are so critical of our work that when it leaves our shop there is nothing negative to be said about it. That goes for small welding jobs, right on up to plow installs. We only work one way, the right way.

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