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February 2009


Customer came in the afternoon, snow in forecast. Said plow is "leaning back". Explained to customer Pivot Pins need to be replaced, and probably a lot more based on age of plow (1970's). Told customer how to free blade up. Explained to customer how blade got stuck "leaning back". Customer could not remember causing it to lean back. Customer chained plow to dumpster in parking lot and "popped" it free, and left.

Got call from customer about 8 hours later. Plow broke, ran over plow, got stuck under truck. Here's the pics.


Pivot Sleeve bent and rotted. Egg shaped too. Pivot Sleeve on back of Moldboard. Sleeve split, and bent, and worn out.
Both Pivot Sleeves on Sector ripped apart. Pivot Tube Split, trip return stop bent.
Welded in new Pivot Sleeves on Moldboard. Installed new Sector. Straightened top of Moldboard where springs mount. It was mangled too. Repaired center pivot hole in A Frame too. Just finished this one, and another one came in with the same problem, only he caught it before it broke into pieces. Plow was leaning so far back it was putting snow into the truck's grille and onto the hood! This is a mutt. A Meyer ST-90 plow, on an old Western Conventional  mount with Western pump..
Pivot Pin bent and worn, Sleeve worn out of round, and bent too. Pivot Pin bent and worn, Sleeve worn out of round.
Sleeve on Sector rotted away. Sleeve worn thin from rust.
New Pivot Tube welded onto Moldboard. Installed grease fittings on Moldboard Pivot Tube, and Sector Pivot Tube. Sector was new old stock, about 40 years old! No Trip Return Stops on it. It was a faster repair to use the new Sector. The Angle Ram bolts were wrong on the old worn out Sector, and they egged out the bolt holes bad. The Center Pivot Bolt hole was egged out bad too.
Giving away all our secrets here... We cut new Trip Return Stops from 1/2" plate, and weld them on. Cut a hole to allow access to the grease fitting. The red caps from the Meyer M1 Hydraulic Oil and the Meyer M2 Hydra-flush bottles fit grease fittings perfectly.
These next two came in for upgrades covered under Warranty. The trucks were 2005 models, and 2004 Meyer Xpress plows. Meyer honors this upgrade for ORIGINAL Owners of these plows with this older controller. The cost of this upgrade out of Warranty is $1200 for parts alone! 2004 GMC with Meyer Xpress plow. NICE truck! The owner called in April to tell us it was stolen and totaled. What a shame! This upgrade was scheduled. Dropped off Friday night and picked up Sunday night. We ARE flexible!
The upgrade involves rewiring everything. Easier with the grille removed. Still takes double what the "Book Time" is for us to do it.

Where to start with this one? This 05 F-350 was at the Ford dealer for intermittent operation of the plow. They checked it over, called us and wanted to know if an update/upgrade install was covered under warranty. . Keep in mind, this truck has never been anywhere for regular maint, and repairs except the dealer. I found the Meyer Plow Headlight Changeover Module disconnected. Customer said he had a plow light problem, and the dealer tried to fix it once before. Apparently, disconnecting the Meyer Headlight Module fixed the problem, except the customer then had no plow lights. They didn't tell him they unplugged the Meyer Headlight Module.
Here is what I found when I opened the hood. The arrow is pointing to the plow power supply harness. Dealer didn't even clean the terminals! Maybe a bad connection? Hmmmmm. Here's the other battery. Terminals nice and clean too, NOT!
Gee, maybe the PLOW CONTROLLER Power and ground wires ran along the cowl right over the top of the turbo is a problem? Nah, melted wires can't be a problem! (Note the plow installed did this, not the dealer, BUT the dealer didn't fix it either!). Again easier to do with the grille removed. This one took 8 hours to upgrade. Found more wires cut and spliced once we got into it.


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