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Added 5-5-13

Enclosed Trailer Roof Vent Replacement

Seeing the caulk under the flange was not a sign of an easy job. Actually it is glazing putty.

Wow, so much for what the owner said... "there is only like 4 screws holding it in up top"....

More like 28 screws! I tried scraping up the caulk a little then gave up and grabbed the wire wheel.
Took a couple of minutes to uncover each of the posi-drive screw heads.

Screws removed. Used a sheet rock knife to score the rubberized caulk.

As if the rubberized caulk wasn't enough along with the 28 screws, there was also glazing putty under the vent flange.
Pried off the old vent, dropped the new one on, put the 28 screws back in, and then caulked the whole thing.



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