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Added 5-5-13

Diamond Plate Gasoline Tanks

Hard to find tanks this big rated for Gasoline

One of my customer was shopping for a couple of tanks to hold Gasoline. He saw some he liked, but when you get into the
fine print, they wee NOT DOT Certified, and NOT for Gasoline. Well I found one that is both. ATI, Made in the USA.

He went with (2) 110 gallon tanks. When fuel prices rise, he can have a good supply of fuel from months before,
bought at the lower price. In case you are wondering, the price of this tank is $775.

Nice size tanks. at Smith Brothers Services LLC.

Side by side, that will be 220 gallons of Gasoline on hand. They will also save the time it took to fill all the
5 gallon cans so often. Now they can refuel the machines in the yard, fill a few cans for the day, and off they go.

Of course, a nice little pump with a nice long hose. Made in the USA too.


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