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Updated 1-31-12

Drive Pro 6' 8" Crankstand Conversion (AND EZ Plus)

We really like the Meyer Drive Pro 6'8". We think it is a great plow. It performs well, and it is reliable. There is just one thing we would change if we could. The Jack Stand. All other Meyer Plows use a Crank Stand. Thanks to Joey Rega (a willing Guinea Pig) it is now a reality for the Drive Pro 6'8" as well. Click on any picture for a larger view.

First, we cut off the tab on the crossbar for the Jack Stand Lock. Then....

Meyer Drive Pro Jack Meyer Drive Pro Crankstand Meyer Drive Pro Jack Upgrade
Test fitting the post. Post tack welded in place. All welded and painted.


Here is the finished product.


Meyer Drive Pro 6'8" Jack Meyer Drive Pro 6'8" Jack Stand Meyer Drive Pro 6'8" Crank Stand
Side view. Joey is also using an E-57H. Joey keeps his plow on a set of dollies, so he can roll it right up to his Jeep and into the Clevis. Other side view.

Another one converted.

Top view of side. Custom Crankstand Conversion we do here in the shop to all Drive Pro 6'8" plows we install from this day on.. NO MORE jack leg. Another view of the Custom Crankstand.

From now on, ALL Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" Plows we sell and install will have the Custom Crankstand Conversion.

We took it a step further for two customers that were having a hard time mounting their Drive Pro 6'8" plows on their vehicles.

We turned them into EZ Plus Mounts.


You can see the yellow lines pointing out the two blue handle pins and crankstands. (Click on the pics for larger versions).

(9-1-12) NOTE: As of the 2012 - 2013 Season, Meyer Products is now building the Drive Pro with a Crankstand.



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