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Added 5-5-13

E-47 Rebuild
Looks Can Be Deceiving - Would not angle. Up and down worked fine.

This unit came in from Indiana for a rebuild. It is a 1989. VERY clean inside. Fresh paint. Looks like original Valves with Aftermarket B and C Coils. I can tell from the gunk under the Lift Cylinder that it was taken apart and cleaned, but not completely apart. That also explains the lack of Nylite Washers under the nuts, and the Wiper in upside down. The Pump Shaft Seal is original, and was leaking a little.

This is a first. I have never needed to use the impact gun to remove an A Valve. This one was so bad that it spun in a 6 point socket! Original A Valve, did not want to come out after 24 years...

Not to be outdone, the B and C Valves also required the impact gun. Surprise, the C Valve came out in pieces. Not that big of a deal. Remove the piston you see sticking out just pull it up and out....then....

Then screw an EZ out into the hole. Put vise grips on it, and pry on the vise grips to pluck it out. at Smith Brothers Services LLC.

Eliminated the Swivel Hose, and the 90 Swivel. The 90 Swivel was so tight it snapped off. EZ Out to the rescue. Installed rigid 90 degree elbows.

Both filters cracked. One missing the post. We cut 1/4" off the post on the new filters to stop this from happening.


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