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Added 6-6-12

Meyer ST-7.5 and Meyer E-47 Rebuild

This customer drove up from Philly and dropped off his Meyer St-7.5 and E-47 for a rebuild.



After about an hour with a 36 grit disc on a 5.5" air grinder. It makes short work of the powder coat. Nothing works better!

All dusted off and back in the bay. Started to rain so I brought it in.
Just need to touch up here and there and do the center between the pivots.

After the POR15, when it was still tacky, I dusted the plow with primer. When that dried, I primed the whole plow.

First coat. It levels out nice, brush marks vanish.

Another view of the first coat. Wanted to put it outside but it started raining again like yesterday afternoon.

Here is our big secret (not really I talk about it all the time). Valspar. I LOVE this paint.
Takes VERY long to dry, but the finish is worth it. It dries like glass.
Sorry to say at almost $40 a quart for Meyer paint, and the fact that I know how well
this holds up, I choose this over Meyer. This is about $40 a gallon. Tractor Supply and Lowes sell it.
A quart is enough to do a plow with 2 coats. I prefer to brush it on for good coverage.
It also allows me to lay on a heavy second coat with no runs.

Brush in a zip lock to use for the second coat tomorrow.

Will add more pics as the job progresses.

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