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Added 5-5-13

Meyer E-60 Rebuild
Came in for a rebuild, would not stay up.

New SAM Top Cap usually means pressure got too high and original blew into pieces. Nice cheap eBay single lug motor. Customer bought unit in this condition. Came in because it would not stay up. One Motor Bolt is snapped off so the clamp is holding the motor on.

On the outside the motor did not look that old, or that bad. NOT having a drain hole in it took its toll quick.

LOTS of water in the fluid, hmmm.

Nice stringy goo inside.

Here is the main source of the water in the unit. NO Clear O Ring under Top Cap!

Guess since the SAM Top Cap did not come with an O Ring, they thought they didn't need it?

Here is why the unit would not stay raised. This unit had a bad base, I assume from internal damage when the Top Cap blew. Additional damage is common when the Top Cap blows to pieces. Often one or more of the Tank Studs get ripped out too. The machined part of the Sump Base casting where the Cylinder sits often gets damaged too.


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