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Meyer E-60 Pump From eBay

We are not bashing eBay. We LOVE eBay, and have our own eBay Store. We just wanted to take this opportunity to say "buyer beware" if you don't know what you are looking at, a good deal might not be so great is all. We also wanted to do a step by step E-60 rebuild, and this didn't turn out to be it, but there is a ton of useful info we can put up here for anyone that has never seen the inside of their Meyer E-60 snow plow pump. So here we go.....

OK, here is a pump we got on eBay. We knew what we were getting into. I am adding all this just to illustrate how misleading eBay can be. Like when insurance adjusters call the shop for used pump pricing, then tell me how cheap used pumps are on eBay. I always have to explain how you don't know what you are buying.

Here is the listing:

Buy it Now - $299.99 + $35.00 Shipping
Title: MEYER E60 Quick Lift Power Pack Pump E 60 Plow !!!!!!!!

Condition: Used

one meyer e 60 pump. this pump has just been removed off the truck. it raises very quick, and turns side to side fast. pump works well. no cracks to exterior housing. wiring ends are good condition with  no corrosion . lift ram has good finish.

this pump is ready to bolt on and plow, however the lift ram leaks oil around the top and the blade tends to weep or lower itself because of the leak. so if you need to bolt it on fast and make some money with it your good to go. but it will need a new seal kit installed at some point.

this pump comes with a complete seal overhaul kit, all the parts you need, just add labor.


  Looks good right? Painted right over the dirt and grease. We can see a single lug motor, so we know that needs to be replaced. Add on a Motor Mounting Plate too for the new style motor. The blade tends to "weep" or "lower itself", yes, instantly as a matter of fact. The comment "the lift ram leaks oil around the top and the blade tends to weep or lower itself because of the leak" is not true. The top seal has nothing to do with leakdown. It is either the cylinder base O Ring, the Lift Ram Packing, or the A Valve. The "Top Seal" that you can see is not a seal, it is just a wiper to wipe dirt off the ram before it goes into the cylinder. The actual Seal is an O Ring inside the Top Cap. Both of the couplers on this unit were finger tight, so if I just "bolted it on fast to make money" I would have fluid leaking all over the place. I would also have a plow that leaked down so fast I would almost have to hold the up button the whole time I wanted it to stay up. The comment "it raises very quick" was 100% true.

I put it on the Test Stand, and it did raise quick. I knew better than to hook up the angle hoses and contaminate my system with whatever was in this pump. But is did raise fast, and lower by itself about half as fast as it went up.

Here is what was in the pump. Doesn't even resemble hydraulic oil. The only "good" part is there was very little water in it.

After using a hammer and chisel for about 10 minutes, I got part of the motor off.


After another 20 minutes I got the base plate of the motor off. See the "Made in China" decal? That is an OEM Meyer Motor made by Fenner. So don't be so concerned with buying an OEM Meyer Motor versus an aftermarket one. It is only now that Meyer is using motors made by Prestolite (Ametek) in the USA. After the single lug Fenner motor, Meyer went to Iskra single lug, then two lug motors, which were made in Slovenia.

Knocked a lot of chunks off trying to break it loose. Corrosion was the only thing holding it on so tight with the two screws removed.


Videos we uploaded to YouTube:

Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 Part 1 - 1 Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 Part 1 - 2
Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 Part 1 - 3 Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 Part 1 - 4
Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 Part 1 - 5  


                     Rebuilding A Meyer E-60 - Step By Step DVD


Rebuilding A Meyer E-60 - Step By Step DVD

We chose to put these videos on a DATA DVD. It MUST be played on a computer. It will not play in a conventional DVD player hooked up to a TV. The reason we chose this route is because at just over 5.5 hours in length, it would require 3 DVDs to fit it...


Manufacturer: Smith Brothers Services, LLC



Lets see what the inside looks like......   Page 2


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