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Added 1-10-23

Meyer Plow Light Wiring - No Headlight Adapter Available?

Meyer has gone to the SOS wiring for all new plows. They also began discontinuing Headlight Adapters in general begining in September 2022 per Service Bulletin 280. They want you to replace all the wiring from and including the controller, out to the plow, and even on the plow, all gets replaced. That is ridiculous. As of January 2023 the kit to do this is listed at $800 for straight plows, and $830 for V plows. WOW. You can see some of the differences in the graphic above. The SOS wiring has evolved quite a bit, so multiple part numbers for each incarnation of each harness and controller.

This (and some wire, ok, lots of wire..) is all you need to save yourself A LOT of money.

23061 is all you need to isolate the plow light wiring (Marker / Turn) from the vehicle via the relays. Add the two Ice Cube relays and switch for the plow high and low beams and off you go.

What I have found is it is easier to mount the 23061 closest to the vehicle battery. So whatever side the battery is on, the green input gets spliced to that side. The other side turn signal and marker are picked up on the other side using the yellow and green/black inputs. Yellow is marker, and green is turn signals. For whatever reason Meyer switched colors on the output from green and black to green and white. Cut that stupid trailer plug off and make SEALED connections instead. The blue wire gets ran to reverse lights signal if you want HFP to work. Think hard, it runs the pump too long and kills the battery....

The Module C Harness (07118) has a black ground for the marker and turn, but the headlight uses a blue "Common" wire to mimic the vehicle. We are isolated from the vehicle by the relays, so we ground the common wire as we will be sending power for high and low beams.

It can seem confusing but it is really not. Take your time.

The 5 wires across the front before loom and zip ties.

23061 Installed, driver's side.


23061 installed, passenger side, where the battery is.

Ice Cubes installed and wired.

Terminals sealed with heat shrink, packed with dielectric grease.

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Battery location plays the biggest role in how this is wired.23061 needs to be near the battery. Then the wire designations change. 23061 has one long, and one short turn signal wire to be spliced in. Depending on which side you install it, the longer one obviously goes to the other side and becomes that turn signal. The 23061 has one output for marker lights, so a wire for the marker will also have to be ran to the opposite side to feed Module C marker on that side. Wires will need to be ran from wherever the high and low beam relays are mounted out to both Module C Harnesses, and two trigger wires into the cab to the switch. If accessory power is not in the cab, a wire will need to be ran into the cab for the plow controller power, you can tap that for the light switch as well. Meyer sends power out of the controller to power the headlight modules no problem. Just be sure to use a 5 amp fuse for the light power. Be sure of your abilities before ordering this kit.

2022 GMC 3500HD Gas Install using the 23061.
Also a 2020 Chevrolet 2500HD Gas that the above pics were taken from of the 23061 install.



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