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Frequently Searched Phrases Answered!

Here is a list of search phrases that brought visitors to our site in September 2013, and our responses. I must say that it is  important when you are looking for information on the web that you really try and spell the search words properly. If you don't, it will be more difficult for you to find the information you need. Most professional web sites spell correctly.

snow plow for jeep wrangler - The Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" is hands down the best plow for any Jeep Wrangler from 1997 up to 2014. Here are pictures of various years -

how to wire light on plow -  Trucklite with 6 pin plugs:  And Nite Saber:

jh bolts - Bolts with the marking JH on the heads -

meyer pivot pin repair - MANY pages with pictures and explanations here on our site:

Here is a C Series:

Here is an ST Series:

 triangle symbol on bolt head - This means the bolt was Made in the USA, or Made in Canada.

2013 toyota tacoma with a plow - You can see one here:

who rebuilts meyers plow pumps in nys - They are MEYER not "meyers", we rebuild pumps from all over the USA and Canada.

tundra with 7.5 super v - The only Super V is the SuperVLD, you can see it installed here:

meyer drive pro 6 8 - Lots of install pictures here:

smith brothers meyer plow - You are here now!

meyer e60 parts -

jh bolt head markings -

2004 toyota tacoma with snow plow – Unfortunately, 2005 is the first Toyota Model year that Meyer made the Drive Pro 6’ 8” available for.

jh bolt head marking -

will the motor move if there is no plow on? - Yes, it should.

meyer super v 7.5 - This is the Super VLD for 1/2 ton trucks.

snow plow accessories -

what size plow goes on a 2007 jeep 4 door wrangler- The Meyer Drive Pro 6’ 8” is perfect:

e47 pump price on used7.5 foot blade with hydraulic pump – This is way too vague.

meyer plow wings 08110 -  Lot Pro 45 degree fixed wings. List Price: $605.63, weight: 100 pounds.

meyer plow mount for 1997 jeep wrangler – There are both the EZ Classic and Drive Pro mounts available.  

snow plow for wrangler 1987 2011 – Not sure what you are asking. Not many companies are still making plows for the 1987, and many are making them for the 2011 Models. You can check out the Meyer Drive Pro here: 

meyers e58h wire diagram – The E-58H is just the model of the hydraulic unit.

marks on bolt heads jh – Find out what it means here:

2005 jeep myers plow frame install -   You mean Meyer, not “Myers”. EZ Classic or EZ Plus?

smith snow plow – You are here now.

meyers snow plows prices – Meyer, not Meyers. Pricing here:

j h bolts made in tiawan –

troubleshoot meyer snow plow lift -

lpp 7.5 – Lot Pro Poly 7.5.

difference between meyers e46 pump and e47 pump -  E-46 is not power angle. E-47 IS power angle.

poly board for 7.5 meyers – NLA (No Longer Available) for the ST and C Series. Facelift is the only option for new:

snowplow kit jeep jk wrangler meyer -  

 meyers plow light sealed beam bulb – You can get it at NAPA or even Walmart.

meyer moldboard replacement  - Facelift is the only option:

snow plows for a jeep wrangler -  

meyer tm 6.5 wire diagram -  Too vague, there are 3 different controllers, and two different light options.

images of 2001 jeep meyer snow plow mounting -  

meyer e47 pump –  

can you put a snow plow on a 2012 dodge power wagon? – YES.

why does my meyers plow weep down – The most common cause is a worn out Lift ram Packing. You need a rebuild.

meyer super vld super v76 – Super VLD 7.5

meyers solenoid -

meyer e47 – http://www/

meyer 18084 plow frame -  1997 – 2002 Cherokee Sport Mounting Carton. List Price: $1305.12; Weight: 169.8 pounds. The high price and heavy weight is due to the fact that the TM Mounting Cartons INCLUDE the A Frame AND Pivot Bar for the plow (which most people do not need, they just want to mount a used plow on their used Cherokee).

wiring diagram meyer plow – There are way too many to list. – You are here now.

2011 jeep wrangler snow plow -  

truck lite toggle switch -

e47 pump - http://www/

meyer plow dealers -  Visit Meyer Products. and click on the Dealer Locator.

meyer plow pumps – E-46, E-47, E-57, E-58H, E-60, E-68, E-72? Many to choose from….

meyers home plow mods -  Wow, this is a new one. What is there to mod? It is a homeowner plow, and it is designed as such. It is meant to be light, simple and inexpensive, with a whopping 1 year warranty.

meyers snow plow skin thickness – Most are 12 gauge steel

meyer c series -  Discontinued. Facelift is the only option for new:

7.5 meyer snow repair -  Too vague.

6.5 meyer plow for jeep wrangler -

meyer e-60

upgrading a myers plow -  Upgrading what? Too vague….

meyers stl 7.5 frame mount -  The STL 7.5 is just a moldboard that will work on many different mounts, both EZ Classic and EZ Plus mounts.

snow plow for 1997 jeep wrangler -  -  

bolt hardness triangle – The triangle is the symbol of the manufacturer, which is USA or Canada. The lines on the head of the bolt designate the harness. The hardmess is 2 higher than the lines. So 3 lines = Grade 5, and 6 lines = Grade 8.

meyer snow plow dealers - Visit Meyer Products. and click on the Dealer Locator.

how much does the meyer drive pro cost? – 2013 – 2014 List Price for the Drive Pro 6’ 8” is $4910.71, and List Price for the Drive Pro 7’ 6” is $5824.29 (EZ Plus Mount), and List Price for the Drive Pro 7’ 6” Single Pull (Drive Pro Mount) is $5030.10. It is up to the Distributor or Dealer to set their own price. You can find our current pricing here:

truck lite wiring diagram - Trucklite with 6 pin plugs: 

1998 dodge ram 1500 a-frame – This is too vague.

meyer ez classic lift frame -

smith brothers services email – sales at

snow plow cut bumper 1500 – This is too vague, but many 1500 models do require some cutting, or removal of the air dam under the front bumper.

2012 dodge ram 1500 with plow – We did ONE, and will never do another one.

plow lights – Many to choose from here:

dodge ram 1500 plow mount - This is too vague.

mounting meyer snowplow motor soleniod – IF it only has one small post for the white wire, then it must be mounted on metal because the Solenoid grounds through the mounting base. IF it has two small posts, one marked S and one marked I it does not have to be mounted on metal to be grounded. It requires that the post marked I is connected to a good ground.

can you attach a plow to a tacoma – 2005 & Up you can:

bolt size for wrangler plow mount – This is too vague.

meyers st90 plow – Is a 7.5’ ST Series plow. Discontinued by Meyer in November 2009.  Parts are still available.

plow for jeep cherokee – Only the Cherokee Sport, there is no plow for the Grand Cherokee.

tacoma snowplow – 2005 & up here:

installing meyers snow plow on dodge ram – This is too vague. Pics here:

wipers come on with turn signal for 98 dodge ram 1500 – Look for the ground lug with 13, yes 13 individual wires in it, under the battery. What a nightmare. More info here:

meyers plow parts -

uses for fluid film -

smith brothers services – You are here now.

e47 pump good or bad – Fine, they have been in use all over the world since 1973.

meyer electro touch repair kit – Look for E-47 parts, that is the model

snowplowrepairs hardyston nj plowparts plowrepairs. – You are here now.

meyers e-47 seals -

meyers plow pump rebuilding service – Right here:

meyers plow light wiring diagram – Depends on which lights. -  Trucklite with 6 pin plugs:  And Nite Saber:

how much to install plw on wrangler – Complete or you have a plow and want it installed? Too vague.

cleaning c valve meyer e47 – 99% of the time it is best to replace it.

meyer snowplow for jeep wrangler – Lot of pictures and info here:

how to pressure test meyer e47 pump – Put a gauge inline on one of the Angle Hoses, and angle the plow the opposite way.

smith brothers plow parts – Our online store:

myers plow frams for 2008 chevy hd2500 – EZ Classic or EZ Plus? Too vague.

myer hands free v plow – HFP (Hands Free Plowing) is now standard on all Meyer plows.

do you have to cut wiring harness to wire plow lights – Yes, unless it is a 2007 or newer GM truck. All other  you will at least have to splice in the marker and turn signal lights.

e47 won t raise up plow – Bad seals or the pump is weak. Need to pressure test the unit.

how much does it cost to have a smowplow pump rebuilt? –

myers plow dealers in mass. – Visit Meyer Products. and click on the Dealer Locator.

meyers pump rebuild –

meyers plow won't angle – Won’t angle at all, or won’t angle right?

jeep snow plow -  -  

smith bros snow plow parts -

meyer snow plows canada - Visit Meyer Products. and click on the Dealer Locator.  

differance between meyer e46 pump and e47 – The E-46 is up and down only, the E-47 is power angle. IF it has power angle, it is an E-47, even if he decal o nit says E-46. It is a simple upgrade by bolting on the PA Block.

meyer model st-78 -  This is a 6.5’ plow installed on Jeep CJs, International Scout, Scout II, and early 1970’s Ford Broncos.

snow plow headlight wiring diagram -  Trucklite with 6 pin plugs:  And Nite Saber:

e47 pump disassembly -

plow for tacoma -

meyer plow mount jeep cherokee -  18084 fits 1997 – 2002. The problem is that it includes the Pivot Bar AND A Frame for the plow, which drives the price up. Meyer packaged all TM Mounting Cartons with the Pivot Bar and A Frame for the plow.

will a e47 meyer pump lift a 9 foot blade – YES. It was the only pump Meyer sold from 1974 until 1991 when the E-60 debuted.

myers e 47 seals -  MEYER, not myers…. http://www/

where is the crankshaft sensor located on a 98 dodge ram – Top of the bell housing at the back of the passenger side cylinder head. A very tight spot.

snow plow for jeep -

wrangler snow plows -

jh mark on bolt head -

truck late snow plow lights wiring – NO idea what you are asking???

meyer 09383 plow -  This is an C-8 Facelift to a Lot Pro 8.

mounting an s-10 snow plow on a jeep wrangler – Pass, it is not worth it. The Jeep uses its own mount and lift frame.

meyer 7.5 snow plow manual e60 -

truck lite snow plow light kit w/ harness plow light kit instructions -

meyer snow plow mount for 1995 dodge ram 2500 - Too vague. EZ Classic or EZ Plus?

rebuilding e47 pump -

old meyers plow from the 90 s – ST or C Series?

meyer angle cylinder frozen – It happens often when they sit for long periods of time. The packing dries out. The best way to free them is to drop the plow and bump a curb while pressing the angle switch.

meyers 7.5 mold board in new england -  The ST 7.5 has been discontinued. The only option for new is a Facelift:

myers e47 pump parts -

plow electrical 16 gauge harness -

building a snowplow -

meyers e 60 snow plow blade wont turn right -  The C Valve is stuck, It is best to replace it:

bolt head markings -

bolt marking jh -

how much pressure myers angle cyclinder – The E-47 makes 1650 psi, the E-57 makes 2000 psi, and the early E-60 made 2500 psi. When hitting an immovable object the pressure in the angle cylinders can spike as high as 17,000 psi depending on vehicle speed. This is why it is important to plow under 10 mph.

meyers e-60 diagram –  

meyers plow parts canada -  Visit Meyer Products. and click on the Dealer Locator.

jeeps with plows -

photos of wrangler home plow mount – The Home Plow by Meyer uses a front receiver hitch to mount. Look for pictures of front receiver hitches on Jeeps.

e47 meyer pump moves slowly – Low on fluid, or weak pump. Need to pressure test.

how to wire in plow lights 96 for f250 truck lite co -  

e60 light schematics – The E-60 is just a hydraulic unit.

meyer broken sump symptoms -  Plow won’t stay up. Plow drops down and to the left.

2011 dodge ram 2500 snow plow truck mount – 17173 EZ Plus is the only option.

meyers super v snow plow prices -

plow on a jeep jk -

dodge truck plow lift options – Not sure what you are asking?

advantages of meyer poly snow plow – The steel frame is built HEAVIER, yes, heavier than a plow with a steel moldboard because with a steel moldboard the skin is part of the structure. With a poly skin the steel frame needs to be stronger, so the moldboard is heavier, and built stronger. The poly skin can be removed (unbolted) so the steel frame can be completely painted.

how to wire meyer touchpad controller lights – The Touchpad wiring has nothing to do with the lights.

can you put a plow on a 2007 jeep wrangler x 4 dr – Yes. Look here:  

meyer snow plow c-8 prices – The C-8 was discontinued. It was replaced by the Lot Pro 8.

meyer plow rebuild -  

meyer coupler dust cap -

new meyer snow plow prices -

meyers plow pump for 1993 jeep wrangler -  The E-47 would be the best choice.

smith bros meyer e-60 -

meyers e47 pump parts -

meyer sabre headlight switch diagram -

jh bolt -

after installing basic seal kit my e47 wont go up – It is very difficult to know what you might have done wrong.

meyers plow wiring – way too vague.

installing a meyer plow onto a jeep -   

triangle mark on bolt – Made in the USA or Canada.

bolt marking trademarks -

snow plow lamps -  

small plow jeep wrangler - 

smith brothers meyers snow plows – You are here now.

how do i adjust the lift height on my meyer lot pro – This is done by adjusting the stacking stop bolts on the bottom of the Lift Frame.

meyer drive pro cost -

meyers angle cylinder stuck – It happens often when they sit for long periods of time. The packing dries out. The best way to free them is to drop the plow and bump a curb while pressing the angle switch.

meyer e46 wiring diagram -

meyer snow plow wiring diagram for headlights  - Too vague. Nite Saber lights? Trucklite lights?


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