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January 2021 FAQ Frequently Searched Phrases

meyer e47 a coil 3/8” A Coil or 5/8” A Coil?
myers auto angler ram - This would only be for the Home Plow. Meyer calls it a Dual Compression Spring Ram.
smith brothers plow parts - You are here now!
myers snow plow parts - We have plenty to choose from!
what size cable to run between battery and meyers snowplow pump - Battery Cables are 6 gauge.
meyers controller - Many Meyer Plow Controllers to choose from here.
homeplow hydraulic replacement parts - We offer every one.
meyers snow plow parts - We have a large selection  in our online store.
smith bros rebuilting for meyers snow plow - We accept units for rebuild from March - July typically. Some years may be later than July depending on volume.
15682 meyer - We offer the 15726 which is a 15682 with the Pump Relief Valve Seat installed, and the filters/drop speed screw.
problems with the meyers home plow electric lift - Yes, the Key FOB does not always work so great. Try to move the receiver as close to the firewall as possible.
home plow 22888 Wireless Vehicle Harness.
36402 motor harness Right here in our online store.
used meyer snow plow parts - It is rare that we offer anything used.
meyer e60 base - That would be called a Sump Base.
meyer e47 solenoid wiring – The E-47 part has little to do with how to wire it. There is battery in, battery out, and a trigger wire which in this case is the small white wire coming out of the your control harness under the hood. The body of the Motor Solenoid must be mounted on a good ground.
meyer snow plow hydraulic hoses – Too many to choose from now. Too vague.
meyer crankstand - There are two versions now, one for EZ Plus/MDII and one for the SOS.
myers 15829 - Yes, the decal on the side of  the OEM Motor says 15829, but the correct part# is 15727.
meyer part 19370 - EZ Plus Universal Clevis
meyer ez1 control - 22690DC
plow light pigtail - We offer a 6 pin that is a good replacement for the Truck-Lite. It is not a perfect match, but 6 pin same style.
can you use the meyer #22826 auto angle controller with the meyer model #23250 home plow? - NO. 22826 sends power for raise to one circuit, and for lower, another circuit. The elctric lift the controller reverses polarity for lower. The 22826 does not and cannot reverse polarity.
ford ranger myers plow mount - Drive Pro is all that is available.
e 60 pump pressure check - Put a pressure gauge inline on one of the hoses and take your reading there. Spec is 2500 psi with the smaller cylinder on the E-60, and 2000 psi with the larger cylinder as well as 60H Models.
smith bros snow plow parts - Here you are.
meyers custom classic plow parts - Not many available anymore.
meyers plow angle ram assembly - There are 3 main choices, the 10" used on the ST and TM, with 1/4" NPT, 12" used on the C Series with 1/4" NPT, or the most current which is a 10" Cross Drilled PA Ram, low friction design, and has SAE threads which was also used on the TM, ST, C, AG, DP, LP, RP......
meyers e-57 s2 valve - The E-57 does not have an S2. It has A, B, C.
meyer 15707 - E-60 Basic Seal Kit. For E-60, E-60H, E-61H and V-66.
meyer module 07347 - Meyer 07347 replaced the original 07116 which is obsolete.
meyer night saber lights - There are Nite Saber (Obsolete), Nite Saber II (Obsolete), Nite Saber III which is current as well as the latest Nite Saber LED.
meyer snow plow controller - Many to choose from in our online store.
meyers plow parts - Plenty in our online store.
meyer e47 pump filters - Right here in our online store we sell an OEM 2 pack.
meyer 17135 - EZ Classic Mounting Carton for 03 - 10 (diesel), 03 - 13 Gas. This would be a freight item and we do not ship freight. List Price is $1339.36!!
older meyers snow plow hinge pins - We sell them in pairs in our online store here.
meyer e47 seal kit - E-47 Basic Seal Kit, OEM E-47 Basic Seal Kit, E-47 Master Seal Kit, or E-47 Ultimate Rebuild Kit?
myers saber light bulb - Take it to the auto parts store or Walmart. We sell Nite Saber Bulbs, Nite Saber II/III Low Beam, and High Beam Bulbs in our online store. Also Nite Saber Turn Signal Bulb, and Nite Saber II/II Turn Signal Bulb.
15707 meyer - Basic Seal Kit. We have Aftermarket or OEM so you can choose.
meyers auto angle ram - Only used on the Home Plows. It is here in our online store Dual Compression Spring Ram.
meyers e47 sump base - The price doubled in the past two years, but we have them here in our online store.
is the meyer #22826 auto angle wireless?? - No, it has a cord, it is NOT wireless. The 22826 is for the hydraulic lift auto angling model, not the electric lift auto angling model.
05029 meyer - Power Angling Home Plow by Meyer Motor Solenoid.
meyers ez1 controller manual - There was only a sheet included in the box. Here is a link to it on the Meyer web site.
myers e60 lift cylinder repair - Repair how? Disassembly and Packing replacement? Download the E-60 Shop Manual off the Meyer Products web site here: E-60 Rebuild Manual
m15841 - 15841 is an OEM Motor with Motor Mounting Plate (with tabs). Aftermarket uses the number but does not include the motor mounting plate.
meyer 22690 - The current part# is 22690DC.
meyer 07234 - Replaced by Nite Saber III, that was the original part# for Meyer Nite Saber lights, long obsolete. Nite Saber lights all share the same connector so they are interchangeable.
meyer headlight adapter - Vehicle and/or headlight Bulb specific. NOT available for ALL vehicles. When Meyer switched to the SOS wiring, it does not require Headlight Adapters. So there are no revisions or new ones being developed anymore. It can be a real problem when moving your old plow to your new truck. I just wired up a 2020 Chevy 2500 with a switch in the cab like we used to do for Truck-Lites. It just made the most sense.
meyers e-60 light module - No, the E-60 is a hydraulic unit. The most common Module is the 07347, it replaced the 07116 which is obsolete.
meyers a coil - We have both the 3/8” A Coil and 5/8” A Coil.
meyer 22798 - Pistol Grip Cradle Mount.
myers plow electric harness p#22888 - The 22888 is used with the wireless FOB controller and 22887 electric lift unit.
myers e60 check pressure - Put a pressure gauge inline on one of the hoses and take your reading there. Spec is 2500 psi with the smaller cylinder on the E-60, and 2000 psi with the larger cylinder as well as 60H Models.
meyer a coil - We have the 3/8” A Coil or 5/8” A Coil.
jack for myers plow - It is called a Crankstand. There is one for the EZ Plus/MDII and a new one that fits the SOS only. to install lunch pin on plow shoe - lol.
how to program meyer ez1 wireless  - Here on the Meyer website.
meyers 15381 - C Valve?
e-58h meyers fill cap - We call it a Vent.
smith snow plow parts - Here you are.
how to remove actuator cover from meyer homeplow motor - Take the chain off the arm, take the arm off the top, and slip the cover off?
15147 s1 - Yes, 15147 S1 Coil is available in our online store.
meyer pivot pin removal - Hope and a prayer! It usually involves heat, lots of heat, lots of swearing, but it usually ends with cutting the Pivot Tube off, and welding a new one on. They can be that impossible to remove. The most importatnt thing to remember is to use a large driver. I use new Pivot Pins with NO grease fitting as a driver. Using a small punch just makes a hole in the center of the broken pin and makes it mushroom in the bore, making it tighter! Use at least a 2# sledge, but I use a 16# maul. IF the maul and heat do not get a broken pin moving, it gets cut off.
toggle switch for plow - Too vague.
removal of actuator cover for home plow by meyers you tube - Seriously, it just slips on. Remove the chain, remove the arm, lift it off.
e-58h meyers filler plug - Again ,we call it a Vent.
meyer plow distributor in nh - Visit and use the Dealer Locator there.
22887 meyer snowplow part - Home Plow Electric Actuator.
meyers parts breakdown for home plow - Visit and download the owners manual for your model.
m15841 meyer motor breakdown - Nope. They are pretty much throw-aways. I mean original last a LONG time, and aftermarket only lasts a couple of seasons sometimes. Sometimes you get lucky. Brushes and labor to install brushes are more than a new aftemarket motor. Just something to keep in mind.
meyer 19370 - EZ Plus Universal Clevis.
15370 meyer wire sc - Motor Solenoid wire? You must mean the 6ga. battery cables? ;)
meyers 15821 - Coupler Set for "E-57" PA Blocks, it contains the Male for the PA Block and Female for the hose end.
myers e47 c valve - M15381 in our online store.
meyer 22693 controller - We have them in our online store here.
how to tighten up your meyers plough pivot pin - There is no adjusting the Pivot Pins.
meyer m1 15134 Meyer M1 Hydraulic Fluid.
meyer 07776 module amazon – Amazon? Amazon?? Glad you ended up here. Maybe you are the guy that ordered 4 of the 07776 last week?
e58h replacement pa valve block 16016 in stock.
meyer plow electrical pin id - Pin Outs is the place to look.
meyers quick copler pin style Pin Type Couplers?
21855 swivel elbow fitting spec -Spec? Get rid of them, they serve NO purpose, and will leak or snap off, it is only a matter of time. That is why Meyer eliminated them over 20 years ago. We still sell a bunch and you can order them here.
22690 meyer 22690DC is the current correct part#. Itwas 22690X at one time as well.
nite saber 2 plow module – Included with the Nite Saber II was 07347. There are other modules now for Ram/GM, and Ford.
meyer e47 snow plow c coil – C Coil M15430.
meyers clevis – Too vague.
will meyer push plates of a chevy fit on a dodge – NO. "Push Plates" is a Fisher term...
meyers e57 pilot piston reason – Well if you download the Service Manual you can read the theory of operation and view the flow charts. Without it the plow can’t angle. It is what allows fluid to leave one PA Ram as the other is filling.
meyer e-60 plow pump oil fill valve – The Vent is on top. Here is a video I put on YouTube.
22891 key fob remote controller – Home Plow 22891 FOB.
meyer 23022 - SOS Touchpad Controller
2017 gmc soft start modules meyer 07776 (also used on Ram)
15958 valve C Valve.
meyer truck light to nite saber – Nite Saber is a stand alone system.
m15841 meyer motor OEM Motor or Aftermarket Motor?
meyer e47 wire size to motor and solenoid – 6 gauge. Meyer, Western, Fisher, BOSS, etc. all use 6 gauge.
myers e 60 lift update Cylinder Update Kit. Here is a video I made expaining more.
wiring diagram meyer home plow – In the Owners Manual.
09214 skid shoe meyers - $395.06 Shoe Kit for V Plows? We do not offer this kit.
myers a coil o ring – Buy the A Valve Seal Kit.
fuses in the module for snow plow lites for myers system – More info here.
meyer a-frame ez classic mounting ear pads Ears?
myers e58h c valve 15958 – Yes, E-58H C Valve.
buy meyers c coil for e47 15430
meyers 07548 module – No. 07548 is a kit that includes (2) 07347 Modules.
16560 meyer -
meyer 22154x controller – We are not selling them as we had a batch of defective ones so we will not reorder until we know the issue is resolved.
meyer plow pump breather bolt – We call it a Vent. It is actually a Pressure Relief Valve that opens at 1 -1 2 psi.
universal clevis part of plus clf carton part number 19370 meyers plow parts EZ Plus Universal Clevis is included in the CLF (Clevis LIFT FRAME) Carton.
meyer e60 seal kit E-60 Basic Seal Kit, OEM E-60 Basic Seal Kit, E-60 Master Seal Kit, or E-60 Ultimate Rebuild Kit?
meyer lights saber led headlight module – The Nite Saber LED’s do not come with Modules. The Nite Saber LED lights are plug and play to replace any Nite Saber, Nite Saber II, or Nite saber III EXCEPT vehicles with Positive Ground headlights. 1999 – 2002 Chevy/GMC and 1994 – 2001 Dodge (1500) and 2002 (2500). To replace an existing Nite Saber there is a jumper wire inside each plow light that needs to be removed for them to work properly with Modules. No modifications on SOS plows.
pressure relief spring myers e60 – Too vague.
smith bothers meyer plow parts – Here you are.
meyer 15111 coil – That would be 15150.
lowest price for electric plow angle kit – You came to the wrong place. A plow is the wrong tool to price shop for.
meyer 22125 touch pad – We got a bad batch we sent back to Meyer. We will not reorder until the issues is resolved.
meyers plow controller Many to choose from.
15573 meyer E-47 Sump Base Casting. Used with the E-57 as well.
meyer 22827 Power Angling Home Plow Controller.
meyer lights saber 2 led – No, Nite Saber LED would be Nite Saber IV.
meyers plow rharness repair ends – We have a large selection we make ourselves. It is not possible to make many of them though.
22691s meyer – 22691S is a Universal Split Harness.
old meyers snow plow parts – Old? How old?
22144 meyer – BACKORDERED from Meyer. They have 0.
fob for myers home plow change battery - Model 24000 Instructions, Model 25000 Instructions.
meyer led light sabe headlight module - Nite Saber LED lights do not use Modules.
meyer night saber 3 modules – they came with 07347, so did Nite Saber, and Nite Saber II.
meyers e57 sump base - 15573 we include the Basic Seal Kit needed to install it.
meyer snow plow plug mounting bracket 08202.
meyers m15672 Ground Wire 51" long.
meyer snow plow parts diagram – Way too vague.
meyer v-66 pump.rebuild kit – maybe OEM? Not many V-66 out there anymore. The E-60 Basic Seal Kit will work on the V-66, and all the Valves are the same size, you would need an A Valve Seal Kit for each one IF you wanted to replace them. You can also get the Crossover Seal Kits. Buying all of them separately will still be much cheaper than OEM IF it is still available.
meyer 22262 – Rectangular Plug Plow Side Harness.
buy c coil for meyers e47 - 15430
meyer e-58h plug – Vague.
meyer 22144 – Hose, backordered with Meyer since Nov. 2020.
meyer side mounts 2002 chevy – Too vague.

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