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Meyer Standard Operating System (SOS) Information - Page 4

Now that I have assembled and installed two more of the SOS plows, I can talk about some updates made by Meyer as well as how I am installing these harnesses.

The first one is the truck side harness. It now has a braided covering instead of electrical tape. The power and ground harness still has electrical tape on it though. The truck side harness has also been updated. It is now a "deluxe" harness, meaning it is ready to control a V Plow, so "one size fits all" is the case now, just like in the past. The plow side harness is also new, a "deluxe" is used on all new SOS plows. There are extra wires taped up under the cover that would be connected to a V plow. These new harnesses have 16 pin connectors instead of 12 pin connectors.

Going back to the GMC I installed the SOS on the first page, because it was not a CAN BUS system, I could tap the marker and turn signals up front without the truck "knowing" so that is what I did. I did NOT run the harness to the trailer plug in the rear. I also know where to tap the reverse signal on every vehicle so I do not have to run to a tail light. Part of the SOS "mission" was to make it easier to install, so that unskilled laborers could do it. I guess I am offended by it all a little :) the unskilled and one size fits all approach looks sloppy which we will get to soon. So now we have the truck side harness covered in braid. We have an updated T connector for the back of the trailer plug in the rear. We still have a 4 way flat trailer connector unsealed behind the bumper, I guess we just cross our fingers that it will not corrode to pieces the first winter in the salt bath, but hey it was easy to install..... The T Connector is included in each plow crate. there is a rectangular T Connector used on Dodge trucks up to 2009. From what I understand, it will be included in Dodge Mounting Cartons, Part# 23058.

The above T Connector 23057_B, would connect to the Truck Side Harness 23059, behind the bumper. Simple piece of advice if you go this route, cut the plugs off and splice the wires using heat shrink.

I have installed two of the Drive Pro SOS plows in the past month, and on both of them I used the 23061 so I could make my connections up front. One was a 2015 Tundra, and the other was a 2011 Ram 1500. Here is the 23061

I just cut the 4 way flat plugs off along with ALL the excess wire that would have run to the trailer plug. I made my connections using heat shrink tubing, and I do not have 20' of excess wire to "bundle up under the hood and secure".... The relays (two mini ones) are NOT sealed, and can be replaced.

Then there is wire colors. IF you are using the T Connector, it does not really matter, because there is only one way to plug it in. The colors do NOT match. Not sure why it was not important......

IF you are using the 23061, you will notice immediately that again, the colors do not match.

IF you cut off the plugs like I do, then you would match yellow to yellow, green to green, and green/white to green/black. Brown would get connected to blue, which you would have to run to a reverse signal (IF you wanted HFP to work).

One important note, remember that the controller will NOT turn on IF the plow
is not connected because the controller grounds through the plow.

A couple of pin out diagrams for truck and plow side 12 and 16 pin harnesses:


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I hope you learned even more about the Meyer E-73 SOS. I will add more info as I come across it. Stay tuned!

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