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Repairing a Meyer ST-90 Plow


This is a very common problem with Meyer plows in general. It is mainly due to neglect. It is very important that when the plow trips, it can easily pivot on the Pivot Pins. The Pivot Pins are basically hinge pins. One end of them is in a tube welded to the sector, and the other half goes into a tube that is welded to the moldboard. These pins should be greased at least every other year. I know people that coat them liberally with Never-Seize, and it tends to last for a few years. The only way to grease them on Meyer ST plows, and C series plows is to remove the Sector from the Moldboard. You can do one side at a time, but first you must release the tension on the 3 (or 2) trip springs.  You can try heating them up with a torch, but we have yet to get any out using heat. Penetrant doesn't seem to help at all either. If they are seized, then they must be cut. A Sawzall works best for this task. We will begin where we have already cut them with the Sawzall.

It looks like there is a lot of room around the pin, and there is, but it is packed with rust.

Here you can see how badly this A Frame is bent. It has nothing to do with this repair, just wanted to show it.

Here you can see we used a torch to cut away most of the Pivot Pin Tube. The rest was removed with a 4 1/2" grinder.

Here a new sleeve has been welded into place on the right side.

Here the left side has been tack welded into place. You can also see we added a grease fitting here. Hopefully keeping the pins greased will prevent them from seizing in the future.

We also added grease fittings to the sleeve on the moldboard.

Here the new angle stop is welded into place, with a hole cut out for access to the grease fitting.

And here it is all assembled and greased.

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