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Yet Another Meyer E-47 Plow Pump Rebuild
And Center Pivot Repair

Customer came in with a 1988 Meyer plow and E-47 power unit complaining it won't angle. This is a back up truck, so it doesn't see much use. The top cap wiper seal on the pump was replaced by our competition last fall. While checking out the angle problem, we found the Center Pivot area was worn pretty bad. So we took the A Frame off for inspection.

Well, well, well. Worn out and a hairline crack ready to rear its head when the owner needs the plow the most.

The holes in the Sector were worn just as much. Wire wheeled and ready for welding.

In the process of filling it back in with weld.

Ahhhh, round again.

Found a cracked weld on the Sector angle ram bracket.

And a matching crack on the other side too.

After removing the top cap we found the baffle in the tank installed in the wrong  location. We also got hit with a strong "solvent" odor of some sort. The fluid was an odd green color, and very thin.

It should be located over the Return Port in the Sump Base.

Quite a bit of gunk considering it has not been used since the top cap seal was replaced last fall....

Nice and clean. Just to show he difference. This pump was completely disassembled.

There is typically a lot of corrosion in the cavity between the Pump and the Sump Base. This is not a concern. As long as where the two O Rings seal it is clean, all is well.

The trip return stops were jammed under the angle iron they are supposed to make contact with. The trip springs were maxed out on adjustment. We welded on these extensions to  make contact where the original ones are supposed to. This gave us a lot of adjustment on the trip springs, as there should be. It also got the "Angle of Attack" back to where it should be on the cutting edge of the plow.

This is a unique idea. An old bias ply tire used as a snow deflector.

The angle problem turned out to be that the packing nuts were too tight on the Angle Rams. It took us a long time to free them up. The customer said he had them replaced 2 years ago, and the plow has done a lot of sitting. Like we said, it is a back up plow. New Angle Rams are typically a little tight. When working on these we found markings to indicate they were made in November of 1996. Obviously they have spent a lot of time on a shelf somewhere before they were install on this plow. They were clean and shiny inside, so it does appear they have not seen much use.

Upon testing and inspecting the pump we found we could not get the output pressure above 1000psi. Upon further inspection, the pump was found to be very stiff, and making noises when turned by hand. Additionally, the Carbon Brushes in the motor were worn down nearly to the wires. So we are replacing the pump, and installing new Carbon Brushes. The motor is the original from 1988. The truck and plow are owned by the original owner who bought them new together in 1988.


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