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Added 3-8-12

Trailer Project

Just a road map of what we did. The deck lights will be nice to have. We also mounted the toolbox up front. The switch for the deck lights is on the side of the box. The object was to make this happen so three quads could be loaded from the side. We also put all new lights on, and rewired the whole trailer. As you can see the fender needs to come off for the side to fold down.
Hairpins holding the fender on 1/2" posts. Another view of the hair pins.
Ready to load. Another view.
Another view. I bought this trailer new in 1995. I sold it to my friend in 1998, and he still has it!
We added tailgate chains and latches to replace a pin that used to hold it shut. The other latch is for the fold down side.
I hate welding galvanized. This WHOLE trailer is galvanized. It does look good after 16 years though. I have more pics of all the broken welds we fixed from its hard life. The quads will be a walk in the park for it. Broken Cross Member welds, lots of them.
The trailer might have been overloaded here and there ;) We put a piece of 1/4" x 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" angle iron on each side of each cross member, bolted through, (to avoid welding galvanized as much as possible) and at the ends to the main rails. I put a 2000# pallet on the trailer and we used a floor jack to straighten out the bowed cross members, then sistered them in place. Stronger than new now.

Deck Light Switch mounted on side of tool box.


Latches we used on this trailer:

1/2" Snap Lock Spring Loaded Pin

SKU: B2575

1/2" Snap Lock Spring Loaded Pin Latch

Spring Loaded 1/2" Diameter pin. Zinc plated to resist rust. Great for gates and doors. A simple twist of the handle holds the latch in the open position. Does not include mounting hardware.


Manufacturer: Buyers Products

Marker Lights we used on this trailer:

Amber Marker Light


Amber Marker Light

Amber Scalloped Marker Light. Uses (2) 194 bulbs. Very bright light. Surface mount. Approx 4" Long, 2" wide. 12v, SAE.



Red Marker Light


Red Marker Light

Red Scalloped Marker Light. Uses (2) 194 bulbs. Very bright light. Surface mount. Approx 4" Long, 2" wide. 12v, SAE.



Toggle Switch Weather cover for Deck Light Switch

Toggle Switch Cover


Toggle Switch Cover

Switch Cover. Water Resistant cover for standard Toggle Switches.


Manufacturer: Aftermarket / Generic




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