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We specialize in Meyer snow plow modifications, repairs and service. We also repair spreaders. Obviously this is not all we do. We are always looking for custom design, modification, repair, and fabrication projects involving welding / cutting / bending. MIG, TIG, ARC, Plasma cutting, Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum. We work on plows YEAR ROUND. In fact, mid summer is one of the best times to have your plow serviced and repaired. We do a lot of pump rebuilds and plow restorations during the summer! It is also the best time to buy a new plow or spreader because that is when we run special pricing.


January   February   March, April, May
  • Plow Repairs
  • Pump Rebuilds
  • Spreader Repairs
  • Fabrication
  • Classic Car Part restorations/fabrication
  • Sandblast small parts.
  • Plow Repairs
  • Pump Rebuilds
  • Spreader Repairs
  • Fabrication
  • Trailer Repairs and Prep, lights, etc.
  • Plow pump rebuilds
  • Reskin Plows
  • Plow repairs
  • Sandblast small parts.
  • Trailers - Get ready for summer work
  • Fabrication
  • Lawnmower blade sharpening and balancing

    Some of the things we work on:

  • Plows
  • V Box Spreaders
  • Tailgate Spreaders
  • Classic Car/Truck Parts
  • Trailers - Landscape, Utility, Livestock, Off Road, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, Boat, Dump, Camping.
  • Farm Implements
  • Grounds Maintenance Equipment
  • Dedicated Plow Trucks
  • ATV Plows and Salt Spreaders
  • Mason Dump Trucks
  • Vehicle Ladder Racks
  • Rack Bodies
  • Flat Beds
  • Vehicle lighting and wiring
  • Vehicle Accessory Installation
  • Lawnmower Blades and Decks

    Some of the things we do or have done:

  • Trailer Fender Fabrication and Installation
  • Military Truck Part Fabrication
  • Trailer Tailgate Repair, Fabrication, and Installation
  • Trailer Tongue Jack Replacement
  • Trailer Deck Board Replacement
  • Trailer Deck Reinforcement
  • Trailer Accessory Rack Fabrication/ Sales / Installation
  • Trailer Coupler Replacement
  • Trailer Wiring and Lighting Installations
  • Classic Car Parts restorations
  • Classic Car Bracket repairs, Linkage repairs, pedals, etc.
  • Electronic Rust Removal
  • Reskin Plows
  • Built and ST-78 for a customer
  • Dump Body Repairs
  • Dump Truck Lighting Installation and Upgrades
  • Garden Tractor Plow Fabrication and Repairs
  • Mower Deck repairs, blade sharpening and balancing
  • Camper Repairs
  • Tractor Loader Backhoe Bucket Repairs, Tooth Replacement
  • Power Trowel Framework Repairs
  • Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Welding
  • Plow Pump Rebuilds (A LOT of these!)
  • Rebuilt wall bracket for Everlast Heavy Bag.
  • Fishing boat downrigger brackets.
  • Cooler tray mounted on the front of a Ford truck Fisher plow mount.
  • Lawnmower handle repairs.
  • Bucket seat bracket repair from a Mini Van.
  • Outdoor Furniture repairs.
  • Cast aluminum manifold repairs
  • Sandblast / glass bead small parts. (Our cabinet is 40" x 28" x 28")

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