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Why Choose Smith Brothers?

Because Nobody knows Meyer Plows Like We Do!

*    We are the ONLY Meyer Authorized FULL LINE DISTRIBUTOR in Sussex, Morris, Warren, Hunterdon, Essex, Union, Somerset, and Passaic Counties! We deal directly with Meyer Products.

*    As a Meyer Authorized DISTRIBUTOR most Dealers cannot come close to our pricing.

*    99% of all parts for Meyer E-47, E-57, and E-60 Pumps IN STOCK! Both Genuine Meyer, and aftermarket.

*    We inspect plows and pumps everyday for FREE!!

*    All parts available YEAR ROUND, not just in "season". Guess what we do in the summer? PLOWS!

*    All pump repairs/rebuilds done right here by us! Year round, not just "in season".

*    All rebuilt units checked on our  TEST BENCH(ES) before they leave our shop!

*    All Blade repairs done right here by us! We stock all pump and moldboard parts!

*    We replace rusted out Moldboard skins for about half the cost of a new Moldboard!

*    All plow installations done right here by us! YEAR ROUND. Done RIGHT!

*    6.5', 7', 7.5’ and 8’, 8.5', 9', and 10' Meyer OEM Cutting Edges IN STOCK! There is a difference.

*    Controller Wiring Harnesses IN STOCK! Touch pad, Toggles, Slik Stik, Pistol Grip..

*    All controllers in stock! Touch Pads, Slik Stiks, Toggles, and even the new Pistol Grip!

*    We perform Meyer Warranty Repairs!

*    We have LOANER/RENTAL Pumps available!

*    We can often repair what others just want to replace!

*    We Flush Pumps and Angle Rams!

*    We paint pumps in custom colors and designs.

*    We Accept Purchase Orders from Municipalities and Schools!

*    We really are open during snow storms!

*    Angle Rams, Lift Arms, Trip Springs, A Frame Parts, Moldboard Parts, Meyer M1 Hydraulic Oil, Meyer M2 Hydro-Flush, E-47, E-57, E-60 Motors, E-47 Motor Brush Kits, Seal Kits, Headlight Modules, Pump Decals, ALL IN STOCK!

*    We attend Meyer Factory Training sessions annually, and meet with Meyer Reps directly several times during the year. Both at the Meyer Factory, and in other cities, and right here in our shop. We can tell you what is new, which is often old news to us by the time we tell you, and other dealers have no new information for you.

We are in this for the long haul, and know how important our reputation is. When you trust us to do a job for you, we go the extra mile to make sure the job is done properly, even when nobody is watching. A perfect example of this is when we rebuild pumps. It typically takes us 4 - 6 hours to do a proper rebuild and bench test. You pay a set labor amount no matter how long it takes us. Another example is plow installs. We set the price, and do the job right. Some installs take 5 - 7 hours, and others have taken us as long as 14 hours! In the end, you win, as the price is set, and you are not billed hourly for installs or rebuilds, that do not involve additional or custom fabrication work. Both often take days to complete. We want to finish your install as quickly as possible. We do not take shortcuts or use cheap parts.

We fix problems you got along with the "good deal" and the "great price" you got elsewhere, and we get it right the first time.

This is a Cherokee Sport that came in for wiring replacement. You can see that originally "quick splice" type connectors were used during the install. WE DO NOT USE THEM. WE REFUSE TO USE THEM. Look how close they were installed here to the socket! The wires for these plow lights caught fire and melted into a pretzel!

Here is what we use. Butt connectors. But no ordinary ones. We ONLY use Thomas & Betts nylon Butt Connectors. They are then covered in TRIPLE WALL ADHESIVE LINED heat shrink tubing. The T&B connectors are 10 times more expensive than the junk ones most shops use. MUCH neater, and we know the connection will remain tight, dry, and corrosion free for many years to come. We DO NOT use solder. To each his own, but we feel solder makes the wires brittle. It takes longer to wire this way, but it is worth it! You are 99% less likely to be back for wiring problems.

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