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1998 Dodge Ram 1500

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All cleaned and flattened.

Put a new small ring terminal on with heat shrink too. It just goes down to the bumper support bracket.
The Deka Lead Free Terminal I got off eBay, in fact, I bought a few because I use them here in the shop on customer vehicles as well.
This link will take you right to them on eBay: Deka Lead Free Terminal. The link will open in a new window.
They are very handy to keep around for top post batteries. The nice part is you can seal your connections
to them, unlike the cheap lead ones which I was replacing with this Deka.

All set.

Picked up a new dual terminal battery from Advance Auto Parts for $120. I paid
online, so I got 20% off, plus a $50 gift card. When I picked it up, they gave me
back a $12 core charge. So I got it for around $40, plus it has a 3 year replacement
warranty, and 7 year pro-rated warranty!

New bumper and headlights. Need to adjust bumper. Meyer EZ Plus plow mount and wiring installed.
I got the bumper and headlights on eBay. The prices were great and they came fast. Click on the part to check pricing.



It has been 5 years (almost) since I installed the new bumper. Hind sight is 20/20, I wish I took the time to undercoat the back side of it, because it is now completely rusted. I knew I should have done it at the time of install, but I needed to get it on fast and get the plow installed to be ready for winter. there is no point now in trying to repair it.

This is going to be fun. The idiot engineers put 13 ground wires into one lug right
UNDER the battery! All the internet "experts" were WRONG with their suggestions as to why the wipers would come on with the headlights. Most said it was a ground in the cab near the e brake pedal, others said it was the multi-function switch on the column (blinker switch). One was on the right track, he suggested that the washer pump plug was corroded, and it was backfeeding from there. Even the guy that sold me the truck thought the problem was in the steering column, and offered to fix it for me. I passed. I knew I would find the problem, it was just a matter of time and investigation.

Left turn signal lost ground, one horn lost ground, fog lights lost ground, windshield
washer pump lost ground. Turn on the headlights and the wipers come on if the washer
pump is connected. I also have no reverse lights. May be grounded here too.... I put
power through the reverse light circuit under the PCM and they light up, the fuse is hot and good.

Pried out the stock front bump stop. Jacked up the frame in the front. Wet the top of
the Timbren. Put a drop of Dawn dish soap on each side of the wet top, spread it
around a little. Let the jack down and it almost fully seated. I climbed onto the plow
frame and bounced the front end a couple of times and it fully seated no problem. 15
minutes start to finish. Now it just needs front shocks.

Driver's side Timbren installed.

SKU: DF25004B
Timbren SES (Suspension Enhancement Systems) Kit for Front end of 1994 - 2001 Dodge Ram 1500. Scroll through all the images.
Manufacturer: Timbren
SKU: DR1525H4
Timbren SES (Suspension Enhancement Systems) Kit for REAR of 1994 - 2001 Dodge Ram 1500.
Manufacturer: Timbren

Here's three rotted inside the insulation. I ended up cutting about 8" off to get to
good wire. I did end up having to pull the battery tray to get the harness out to where
I could repair it. I re-routed it so now it is not under the battery tray. I also ran the
grounds up to the top of the fender.

Here is the rest. This is about 8" up. The 4 bad ones I cut another 5" or so off of to
get to good wire. Needless to say, now everything works as it should. No more
wipers coming on with the headlights. The driver's side parking light and turn signal
now works, the fog lights work. I still have no reverse lights, so that is another
problem. Needless to to say, I will never have a problem with these ground wires
again, I made sure of that.


If this page helps just one other person with a bad ground gremlin in a 1994 - 2001 Dodge Ram I will be happy. IF you have one of these trucks, repair and move this ground ASAP so you can avoid having these problems at a bad time, like when it is 30� outside. I did not trace the grounds, but there are at least 12 circuits that ground here. One of the 13 just went 8" up to a stud on the inside of the fender behind the headlight.


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