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1998 Dodge Ram 1500

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So now it has been almost 5 years since I bought this truck. I am still very happy with my purchase. With a little over 130,000 miles on it, I have replaced quite a bit, but in the big picture, not much based on it's age and miles. What have I replaced? Radiator, water pump, thermostat, tires (twice), one brake flex line, upper and lower ball joints on both sides, front axle u joint on both sides (two years apart), right front wheel bearing, and the alternator. remember on Page 1, this truck was hit in the right front, so I expected to have to replace parts on that side. So the pics that follow here are the "almost 5 years later" pics.

At the top of Page 3, is the pedestal I made for my plow and salter controls. I changed out the 22690 Pistol Grip for the 22790 Joystick. I should have done it years ago, I love it! The yellow toggle is my amber roof light, and the blue is for my reverse lights mounted on the bumper which you will see below.

Rear bumper looks great for a 1998. Most of these truck there is nothing left of the bumper. I can't live without the reverse lights I mounted on the bumper. NO, they are NOT LED. I like "yellow" light when it comes to using them in the snow. The housings are rubber, they are PAR36 lights. Here they are 5 years old, work great and still do no look bad other than the brackets being crusty. They are only wired to the toggle switch, so I can leave them on when plowing my parking lot, or if I need light in back of the truck. The toggle switch triggers a relay that feeds the lights. The same place I mounted these lights is usually a perfect spot on most trucks. Any lights mounted under the bumper will get destroyed backing into a snow bank. Up top they are safe.

Truck-Lite Utility Light
SKU: 80360
Truck-Lite Utility Light
Truck-Lite Utility Light. Durable synthetic rubber housing resists corrosion. Includes mounting hardware. Fluted lens disperses light evenly. Mounts on one 5/16"-18 stud. I use these on my personal vehicle (as pictured above) and they work great!
Manufacturer: Truck-Lite

Passenger side Mirror had a crack in the glass when I bought the truck 5 years ago, so I got a new one off eBay. Here it is 5 years later, works great, and looks the same as the original on the driver's side.

You can also see a little of the Vent Visors, or Vent Shades as some call them. I got them almost immediately, as there is no drip rail on the Dodge and cracking the window a little
lets the rain in. Not anymore. They too are almost 5 years old and not one problem. yes, I got them on eBay too. Here is a link right to them on eBay: Vent Visors.
The link will open in a new window and take you to eBay. Less than $40 with free shipping too.

Here is a look at the 5 year old Rancho RS5000 shocks today.

Here is a looking down view of the Ram Hood Ornament I got off eBay, 5 years later. Some pitting but still looks VERY good.

Here is the front bumper I also got off eBay 5 years ago. Not a speck of rust on the front (unlike the back side). Still looks good. Headlights I also got off eBay look great too.
Not much clear coat left on the hood anymore. That's a whole different project! Now 5 years later, the headlights I also got off eBay still look great too.

Over 7,500 sold! I was one of them. Very satisfied 5 years later. Click on the picture to go to eBay.

I have also replaced the license plate lights, and interior lights with white LED's. I tried some cheap ones for the front and rear turn signals and they did not work. Keep in mind these trucks do not need the CANBUS ones.

Well as I mentioned, I repalced the tires twice. The first time was not long after I bought the truck. Then, back in March of this year, I had to replace them again, mainly because I rotated them once, and this is what the right rear looked like. It is the strangest thing I have ever seen as far as tires go. All I can figure is the axle is bent. I have NEVER seen a rear tire wear like this! Because I rotated front to back once, the front looked similar, but not smooth like this one. The rest had less than half tread, so I just bought all new. I will NOT be rotating them again. One comment I got suggested changing the wheel studs. I know the rim is not bent, and it does not vibrate noticeably when driving. Another comment was the center pin in the spring pack sheared, but that would shift the axle, and the left side wore perfectly. Strange...

There will be more to add as this is a work in progress.


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