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Added 8-24-22

2004 Jeep Wrangler Drive Pro 6' 8" Plow Install (Bought a used plow).

Dropped off.

Inside ready to start.

Driver's side headlight missing socket.

Passenger side headlight missing socket as well. Previous owner removed for some reason. I have a simple work around.

Battery nuts on backwards.

Harness through firewall with grommet and caulk. Normally on a TJ I go through up top where the clutch linkage would go through, except this one is a stick.

This is a used plow and wiring. Previous installer thought this was a good idea. Never bend a wire at a radius of less than 5x it's diameter. There is no reason to fold it over like that. You can see the scuff on the bend too where it rubbed at some point. If it was loose it could move and maybe not chafe? Sometimes it is best not to nearly cut a wire in half securing it, just saying...

New mount, used Clevis.

Mount is on, wiring time.

Previous installer ground vs. my ground. Which would you rather have under your hood?.

07180 Headlight Adapter. This style lamp is not sealed, so neither is the Headlight Adapter. I back fill the connectors with clear silicone. In this case with the original sockets removed, I had to insulate the connectors, so I used 3/8" adhesive lined heat shrink.

Driver's side Headlight Module mounting.

Passenger side Headlight Module mounting.

Battery connections. Piggy back connection with new nuts. Original nuts turned around.

Passenger side view of wiring.

This is the 1 piece plug plastic socket. Someone cranked down the bolts into the plastic with no washers. What did they think they were securing???

Ahhhh Nutserts. I bought this tool with inserts when I did my first Jeep Wrangler TJ. Hollow bumper, no easy access to the back side to mount the bracket (unless you want to pull the bumper). These are so much easier.

All set.

I hate to even have to post this, as Meyer has been aware a long time. The brackets need to be cut or the tires WILL rub. I cut these off in the vise before installing. A 4" cut off wheel and sawzall. MUCH easier than on the Jeep. Cut on an angle to the edge of the top weld, and cut through the bottom weld on each side. The customer sprayed all the parts with rust inhibitor, so I did not paint where I cut the piece off like I normally would.

What needs to be cut off each side.

This is a smidge too high, but better than low. 11" is perfect.

Notes. Make sure you cut the brackets BEFORE you install them. That way you can easily paint them too.

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