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Added 9-8-12

2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon
Gets a Meyer Drive Pro 6'8" Snow Plow

Ready to get started installing the Meyer Snow Plow on the 06 Jeep Rubicon

The previous owner pulled this behind an RV, so it had a tow bar up front, and a
break-away switch, and a trailer plug. The trailer plug wiring ran through the firewall,
through the Jeep, and out to the left tail light. There was an additional bulb
connected to this wiring installed inside each tail light. The bulb on the drivers side
melted a bubble into the lens because it was too close. The tow bar was held on
with the three steering box bolts on the driver's side. Getting the box back up in
place was loads of fun.

Ready to get started on the plow wiring after removing the trailer wiring.

A block heater plug? Never saw that before on a Rubicon.

For some dumb reason, the off road lights up front had thier own harnesses. A T Tap
was used to tap the fog light power supply from the steering column. What I don't
understand is why they left the hot wires down in the wheel wells just hanging next to
the nice new harnesses for the off road lights. I also like that they used a 10-12
spade connector on an 18ga wire....

Eliminated the 10-12 spade connector with a nice triple wall heat shrink covered
Thomas & Betts nylon butt connector. I also cut the feed to the wheel wells. No point
in leaving those wires hot dangling in mid air.

This is the power supply to the electronic rust preventer devices. I figured I would
just use new connectors and seal them.

I cleaned the battery terminal, Got the ring terminal on, and when i stripped the wire
for the butt connector, it was too corroded to use.

Then I opened it and saw a 20 amp fuse feeding an 18ga. wire. So much for
protecting the circuit!

Installed an 18ga. fuse holder with a 10 amp fuse.

Wiring all done.

Plow mounted and ready to go.

Side view.



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