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The Motor Mounting plate came off pretty easily. Sometimes they can be a bear to get off. Nice amount of gunk inside.

See the arrow is pointing to the steel washer. Where that heavy rust is, that is where the O Ring is supposed to make a seal. It is important that the washer be shiny and bright, and smooth. The rust indicates that water was getting inside the pump. The heavier the rust, the more water that was getting in, or the longer it was getting in.

Getting the "Can" (Tank) off was a problem. It took about a 1/2 hour, and a few chunks of steel and aluminum flying off. Good thing I had safety glasses on.

The arrow is pointing to the casting year. This base was cast in 1996. The unit is most likely a 1996 too.

All cleaned out, pump removed.

Here the lift ram is removed, and if you scroll down you will see why the unit might "weep or lower itself" as described.

The lift ram packing is badly worn, and a chunk is missing.

It is a little hard to see, but after using a wire wheel on the washer, the pits are still too deep for the O Ring to make a good seal. We tossed this washer. The one on the left is a used one that is in much better shape, and cleaned up nice. There is too much of a glare to take a good pic of it .

We skipped way ahead. Sorry it is not easy taking pics of the whole process. We will add to this in the future.

All done. Now, we spent about 7 hours getting this pump in this condition. The included seal kit was enough to get this back in working condition. The only other parts needed were the motor, motor mounting plate, washer, and couplers. So while the description was pretty much accurate, there was a lot more involved than the average handyman could easily accomplish.

Videos we uploaded to YouTube:

Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 Part 1 - 1 Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 Part 1 - 2
Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 Part 1 - 3 Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 Part 1 - 4
Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 Part 1 - 5  

7-8-11 Three new videos to help remove and replace the 15606 Crossover Relief Valve

Removing the 15606 Crossover Relief Valve

Assembling the 15606 Crossover Relief Valve

Installing the 15606 Crossover Relief Valve


                     Rebuilding A Meyer E-60 - Step By Step DVD


Rebuilding A Meyer E-60 - Step By Step DVD

We chose to put these videos on a DATA DVD. It MUST be played on a computer. It will not play in a conventional DVD player hooked up to a TV. The reason we chose this route is because at just over 5.5 hours in length, it would require 3 DVDs to fit it...


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