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Rebuilding a Meyer E-47 Pump - Step by Step

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Here you can see the 3 pieces of the Pump Check Valve.

Here is the Sump Base with the Power Angle Valve Block still attached. The "B" and "C" Valves have been removed, as well as the 90� Swivel Elbow, and the Hose. Most of the paint has been stripped off. On the Sump Base you will see a number cast into it, telling you the year the base was cast.

Next we shift to the Lift Ram and Lift Cylinder. Slide the Lift Ram out of the Lift Cylinder. On the end of the Lift Ram is a 1/2"-13 nut. It is usually a Nylock Stop Nut. This is an original, and it had Loc-Tite on it instead.

Using the 5/8" bolt and nut from the lift arm in a vise to stop the Lift Cylinder from twisting, we use a 3/4" wrench to remove the nut.

You can see the blue dab of Loc-Tite on the nut.

When you slide off the Piston, Follower, and Packing Cup, there will be an O Ring on the stud.

Clean the Lift Ram, Piston, and Follower in solvent, and install a new Packing Cup. Be sure to use a new 1/2" -13 Nylock Stop Nut. Use the Lift Arm Bolt in the vise to hold the Lift Ram from turning while you tighten the nut.

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                    Rebuilding A Meyer E-47 - Step By Step DVD


Rebuilding A Meyer E-47 - Step By Step DVD

We chose to put these videos on a DATA DVD. It MUST be played on a computer. It will not play in a conventional DVD player hooked up to a TV. The reason we chose this route is because at just over 5.5 hours in length, it would require 3 DVDs to fit it all...


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